Q. Do you use a vapor barrier?

A. No, we don’t, and for a very specific reason. The intent of a Vapor Barrier is to keep the moisture out of your basement. Recent studies by Building Science Corp. and the University of Minnesota have shown that vapor barriers can increase the probability of problems with mold. A vapor barrier will not allow the interior walls of your foundation to dry. In fact, it can be detrimental because it actually traps the moisture behind it, and when it accumulates, it has the possibility of dripping out onto the floor and wicking up your dry wall, which can lead to mold and mildew.

Q. What does it cost per square foot for a finished basement?

A. When you’re considering having your basement finished, you need to remember that it isn’t like going out and buying something off the shelf or out of a showroom. There are no set per square foot costs when it comes to remodeling. Each project is unique to you and your selections. One client may choose tile or hardwood floors, while another may want wall-to-wall carpet, sports flooring or marble. Another project may have stock cabinetry and rooms with no crown molding while yet another has custom-made cabinets with intricate four piece crown molding and granite counter tops …the list goes on. Personal needs, preferences, materials, the size of project, and many other factors all contribute to the cost variations of each project. No two basement projects are ever identical. Only after careful review of your specific construction details are we able to provide an accurate quote for your job.

Q. How long should I expect my project to take?

A. That depends on your project. Every finished basement Pat Gagliano, LLC undertakes requires extensive preparation and planning prior to actual construction. The size, scope of work, and details particular to your basement will determine how long it will take to complete the project. We will always communicate the projected schedule to you in advance of starting construction. Most of our clients basements will take between ten and sixteen weeks depending on the scope of work.

Q. Do you do all the work yourself?

A. As a Design/Build firm we will do some of the work ourselves and some will be subcontracted. Typically Pat Gagliano, LLC performs all design work along with applicable floor plans. In addition, we perform all carpentry work, such as framing and trim carpentry. We only use professional, licensed (where applicable) subcontractors for such project work as plumbing, electrical and HVAC. We select our subcontractors based on their reputation and consistent history of quality work.

Q. Will you be the lowest bidder?

A. We encourage our prospective clients to compare the level of service they are getting for the investment they are making. While our bid may not always be the lowest, the level of service we provide before, during and after the project is what makes Pat Gagliano, LLC a builder of distinction and a contractor you can trust. Ask our many satisfied clients. Pat Gagliano, LLC will do our very best to make your dreams a reality rather than a headache.

Q. Why should I consider Design/Build?

A. You owe it to yourself and your sanity to be able to count on one firm to be accountable for your entire project. One company that can take your basement from conception to completion. All floor plans and drawings are done in-house by Pat Gagliano, LLC, providing an added measure of project control. This benefits you especially should you elect to make changes during the course of your project as sometimes will occur during the course of construction.

Q. I’m getting 3 to 5 estimates on my project. We’re not, however, making our choice based on the lowest bidder. Would Pat Gagliano bid on our project as well?

A. We will be glad to cost your project as long as you have construction-ready plans and material specifications. Our fee for this is 1% of the project total, with a $300.00 deposit.

Q. Do you charge for an estimate?

A. Our initial consultation in your home is free of charge. This first visit usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes. If you do decide to go forward, there is a charge for floor plans which we will discuss during our first meeting. Any floor plan charge, however, is credited back to the project’s cost when Pat Gagliano is selected as contractor for your basement construction.

Q. When would you be available for an in-home consultation?

A. Please call us anytime Monday through Friday for available appointment times. 732-928-3433

Q. Who needs to be at our first meeting?

A. IMPORTANT – All parties who will be making decisions regarding your basement project should be in attendance at our first meeting.

Q. Do I need to get permits to finish a basement?

A. Yes, a building permit from your local township is required. Having these inspections can also protect you from substandard workmanship.

Q. How many inspections are required?

A. Amount of inspections vary according to project. Typical inspections and order of occurrence are 1) rough electrical, 2) rough plumbing (if needed), 3) rough framing, 4) insulation, 5) final electrical and plumbing, 6) fire inspection and final building.

Q. How much will permits cost?

A. Amount matters on size of basement and what is being done. Example, if you are putting in a bathroom there will be plumbing fees added. A safe estimate would be between $300.00 and $800.00.

Q. How much will my taxes increase?

A. That would be according to cost of job and township tax rate. For example, If the job comes to $20,000.00 and the tax rate is 2.40 you take 20,000.00 and multiply by .0240 and get $480.00. That would be a good estimate on your yearly tax increase.

Q. How much of the cost that I spend would I get back in value if I sold my house?

A. That would depend on a couple of different factors. One would be what you had done for the project. For example, if you spent a lot of money on something that fit your lifestyle or situation, but wouldn’t be needed for most people you may not get all of that back. Like if you wanted an elaborate wine room with temperature controls and a lot of fancy stuff, unless you find somebody to buy your house with the same desire, it won’t really matter that much. But if your putting things in that most people would want you will gain all or a good portion of it back. Another thing is where your location is. If you live in a development where all the houses are the exact same, like rows of cape cods or similar, and put $40,000.00 into your basement I doubt your house would sell that much more than your neighbors.

Q. Do houses with finished basements sell faster?

A. Yes, if people are looking at 2 houses that are similar and one has a finished basement that one will usually sell first. An exception to this would be if the basement did not have a professional look. Having a basement that was finished with terrible workmanship is worst than not having it finished at all.

Q. Where In central NJ were most of your projects located?

A. Our primary business areas are central NJ. We serve, Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex + nearby communities. You can call or email us by clicking here and going to our contact page. We’ll respond promptly. Make your finished basement… a PAT GAGLIANO BASEMENT.