We recently moved into our new home at Regency (Monroe, NJ) and although the basement was partially finished by Toll Brothers, it just was not very appealing. It had a typical basement look with low ceilings and dinghy entry staircase. After doing extensive web search, we identified “Finished Basement” as a top contender for the basement renovation project and got in touch with the owner Pat Gagliano. We were very impressed by how quickly he took charge of the project along with suggestions that totally transformed the look and feel of our basement. The first suggestion was to replace the suspended ceiling with a regular sheet rock ceiling followed by widening the entry stair case and adding a French door at the entrance to open the whole look of the basement. We also wanted to add a media room in the basement, an area where Pat specializes and excels.

The whole project was completed in record time (it took more time to get the town approvals than to get the job done). During the project we had opportunity to meet his crew which included sheet rock workers, stud lay our persons, electrician, plumbers, painters and others. We found all of them to be extremely professional who knew their trade well and wanted to be sure we got exactly the basement we were looking for. Customer focus is a big focus for this company and they go out of their way to make sure everything is customized to your need.
The media room exceeded our expectation and our daughters and grandchildren love it.

I also sought advice from Pat about companies who would set up the media room and he offered two, both of them very proficient. I selected one that did an excellent job at a price that was very reasonable. Pat also provide recommendation for a carpet layer who turned out to be the best in price as well as quality.

All in all, I cannot be more pleased with the work Pat did and the support he provided in the completion of this project. I recommend him strongly to anyone who is interested in making a basement to take a look at this company and talk to Pat.